– Post-Production –

Funded by BFI NETWORK & Film Hub South East

After the passing of her Nani Ji, a young woman looks to recreate the perfect cup of tea.

Writer: Radha Bhandari

Director: Amit Kaur

Producer: Radha Bhandari, Kelly Wong

Executive Producer: Ameenah Ayub Allen

Additional Information: 

CUPPA CHAI is a multicultural food film served with a main course of magic realism and an appetiser of identity conflict in a third generation British South Asian’s life.

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– Post-Production –

Commissioned by ARRI & Directors UK

Adaption from the poem FOR HEIDI WITH BLUE HAIR by Fleur Adcock

Writer/Director: Lucy Campbell

Producer: Barrington Paul Robinson, Radha Bhandari

Additional Information: 

For Heidi is a gentle family drama about a 14 year old girl who is sent home from school for dyeing her hair into a blue punk style. At home, her father is unusually supportive, and takes on the battle with the school. 

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